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So my birthday has been and gone.
I now have 3 Monster High dolls in my collection <3
My birthday present to myself still hasn't arrived and seller has stopped responding to emails.
I'm wondering if other buyers have had the same issue with her...
I spent way too much on that Pullip doll to not care about her arriving. I'm hoping she arrives soon or the seller refunds my money.
Quite upsetting when this happens =( I have such faith in people.

I'm just about to go to youth and the weather is horrid!
I got my hair redyed on Friday, so I'm loving the vibrant purple *YAY*

Not at all sure what to write, haha.
Back to work tomorrow, so hopefully it's an easier week than the last 2 weeks have been.
Time to go me thinks.
I hope everyone is having a lovely week and their week ahead goes well too ^_^

Much love to all.