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15 July
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I can do all things through Christ who strengthens Me

Hi I'm Naes, aka Misaki.
I'm a bubbly vegetarian, sugarholic, Christ following, sXe, Accident prone, Tree hugging, photographer/artist, Animal loving, part time Gothic Lolita/Dark decora&Fairy kei, Cat ear wearing, kitten. =^_^=
I love photography, photo editing and designing tattoos =)
I have my own mixed style of Gothic Lolita with what I call Dark Decora and Gothic Fairy Kei.
I'm slowly building up my wardrobe and hope to become a full time lolita one day instead of only part time.

Most of the time you will find me on a computer or behind a camera.
I'm a very artistic person who loves making people smile & laugh.
My family & friends mean the world to me ♥

I'm living my life for God and nothing will ever change that.
I am strongly for animal rights. I can't stand the way they are treated & think it should be illegal to abuse animals in any way.
They have feelings too. I've been a vegetarian since 7th March 2007,
and no, I don't eat anything with a heartbeat, including all seafood/animal life.
I love GothicLolita fashion, Pokemon, hair dye, nail polish, crazy photos&being around my bestfriends.
My body is my canvas & I modify it.

I don't dress the way I do to please other people, but because it makes me genuinely happy.

Feel free to message me, I promise not to bite...hard.