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Interesting and challenging times.

Hello everyone ^_^
I had my specialist appointment last week after my MRI scan to find out what was going on with my jaw and our plan of attack.
He unfortunately had bad news. I knew I would need surgery,but thought it would be minor keyhole, but no, it's pretty intense stuff.
His plan is to cut up my face and stomach. Remove fat from stomach and put it into my jaw and shave down the jaw bone.
Pretty nasty stuff aye? With that and all these issues with the medication I'm on, life got pretty tough so I made the decision to make over myself and surround myself with bubbly happy things. Positive <3
You wouldn't believe how much it has made a difference! Wow! It's huge! 
I feel so much happier, I have lots of energy now and I can do lots! ^_^
So I've been cooking heaps and doing things that make me happy.
I dyed my hair purple and black, (it's perfect!) and transforming my wardrobe.
My theme is Rainbow. Adding that everywhere <3
So I guess the Dark Decora is coming out more and more, haha. It will take over my daily wardrobe.
Of course I will still wear Gothloli part time <3 I can't leave those frills behind. =^_^=
Thinking I will get a small rainbow tattooed on my thigh <3 To keep me going in my quest.
I feel awesome, hehe.
Seeing two of my best friends in the next two day, so I'm rather excited about that. Haven't caught up with them in ages.
Anywho, back to finding cute bracelets and necklaces to inspire me to make some <3
Night all.
Sparkly Rainbows sent your way.