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I've finally made a new account after not using my old one in a very long time (I created it when I was rather young and forgot the username and password)
So I have made a new one and am trying to remember how to use this >_<
It has changed a lot since my last visit and am struggling to remember how to edit the blogs etc so it may be awhile before my blog looks colourful and lovely.
I better introduce myself.
I'm Misaki and I live in New Zealand. I'm a part time Gothic Lolita who is fascinated with the fashion and with similar fashions from Japan. I love dressing in my lolita clothes and it gives me great happiness ^_^
I have two Pullip dolls called Raven (Pullip Naomi) & Willow (Pullip Lunatic Queen), who I love to bits.
I collect Hello Kitty and Pikachu which are slowly consuming all the space in my bedroom ^_^
I love all my 'toys' which have names and their own personalities to me.
I love surrounding myself with happy bubbly things which make me happy.
I love unicorns and sparkly things <3

I'm a rather bubbly and creative person who loves to make friends so feel free to message me or comment on this post.