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So my birthday has been and gone.
I now have 3 Monster High dolls in my collection <3
My birthday present to myself still hasn't arrived and seller has stopped responding to emails.
I'm wondering if other buyers have had the same issue with her...
I spent way too much on that Pullip doll to not care about her arriving. I'm hoping she arrives soon or the seller refunds my money.
Quite upsetting when this happens =( I have such faith in people.

I'm just about to go to youth and the weather is horrid!
I got my hair redyed on Friday, so I'm loving the vibrant purple *YAY*

Not at all sure what to write, haha.
Back to work tomorrow, so hopefully it's an easier week than the last 2 weeks have been.
Time to go me thinks.
I hope everyone is having a lovely week and their week ahead goes well too ^_^

Much love to all.

I decided to finally post again since I am at work, not doing much at lunch time.
I just paid for my gorgeous new Pullip girl from a seller on here, a custom Cornice which is beyond amazing and I love her to bits. I wasn't planning on getting any more girls, rather Taeyangs, but I saw her and fell in love, and amazingly the price was perfect. So I've paid for her and just waiting for the seller to let me know when she's been shipped and how long.
She has these amazing black feather wings, and this fuzzy hair ^_^ She's just the cutest.
I can't wait for her to be home with me and my 2 other girls.
I will post photos sometime of them, Raven (pullip Naomi) and Willow (Lunatic Queen).
I'm pretty slack at taking photos, since I get too busy with other things, but I will try my best to get new photos in the holidays, if I'm not having surgery.
I've also ordered 60 various pairs of barbie shoes for super cheap on ebay, free shipping, (so I'm hoping some will fit) and a lovely black wire chest of drawers, oh and some plates, glasses, cutlery and bowls for their kitchen.
I've fallen in love with the concept of FREE SHIPPING! Since shipping normally costs more than the product for me, DARN YOU NEW ZEALAND.
My plan is to make a realistic house with all the minatures, it's going to cost so much but it's well worth it.

I now have 2 beautiful lolita dresses, one gothic lolita- a black JSK and one sweet lolita-a black with pastel candies JSK.
I think the main thing I need now is a petticoat, so I can do these gorgeous dresses justice.
I haven't worn lolita in so long and I miss it terribly. I can't wear it to work in case it gets ruined (since I work as a teacher aide) So I shall have to make a special day to wear it, and go out with friends.

Those are my two main hobbies ^_^  I've also been making minatures from the printables online, they're adorable!!!! Little cereal boxes etc. I have found some lovely ones which will look awesome in the girls little home.

I've almost fully saved for my trip to Canada with my boyfriend's family next year.
It's so exciting since it costs sooooo much! Just getting spending money now, YAY.
Lots of clothes and presents. WOOO.

Much love to all <3
Comment and message or whatever.

Interesting and challenging times.

Hello everyone ^_^
I had my specialist appointment last week after my MRI scan to find out what was going on with my jaw and our plan of attack.
He unfortunately had bad news. I knew I would need surgery,but thought it would be minor keyhole, but no, it's pretty intense stuff.
His plan is to cut up my face and stomach. Remove fat from stomach and put it into my jaw and shave down the jaw bone.
Pretty nasty stuff aye? With that and all these issues with the medication I'm on, life got pretty tough so I made the decision to make over myself and surround myself with bubbly happy things. Positive <3
You wouldn't believe how much it has made a difference! Wow! It's huge! 
I feel so much happier, I have lots of energy now and I can do lots! ^_^
So I've been cooking heaps and doing things that make me happy.
I dyed my hair purple and black, (it's perfect!) and transforming my wardrobe.
My theme is Rainbow. Adding that everywhere <3
So I guess the Dark Decora is coming out more and more, haha. It will take over my daily wardrobe.
Of course I will still wear Gothloli part time <3 I can't leave those frills behind. =^_^=
Thinking I will get a small rainbow tattooed on my thigh <3 To keep me going in my quest.
I feel awesome, hehe.
Seeing two of my best friends in the next two day, so I'm rather excited about that. Haven't caught up with them in ages.
Anywho, back to finding cute bracelets and necklaces to inspire me to make some <3
Night all.
Sparkly Rainbows sent your way.


I've finally made a new account after not using my old one in a very long time (I created it when I was rather young and forgot the username and password)
So I have made a new one and am trying to remember how to use this >_<
It has changed a lot since my last visit and am struggling to remember how to edit the blogs etc so it may be awhile before my blog looks colourful and lovely.
I better introduce myself.
I'm Misaki and I live in New Zealand. I'm a part time Gothic Lolita who is fascinated with the fashion and with similar fashions from Japan. I love dressing in my lolita clothes and it gives me great happiness ^_^
I have two Pullip dolls called Raven (Pullip Naomi) & Willow (Pullip Lunatic Queen), who I love to bits.
I collect Hello Kitty and Pikachu which are slowly consuming all the space in my bedroom ^_^
I love all my 'toys' which have names and their own personalities to me.
I love surrounding myself with happy bubbly things which make me happy.
I love unicorns and sparkly things <3

I'm a rather bubbly and creative person who loves to make friends so feel free to message me or comment on this post.